Psychosis Facts and Fiction


The signs of a psychotic breakdown are pervasive and frightening. They take over one’s normal life and they scare others around them.

It is unfortunate that psychotic breakdowns are not treated with more understanding. There are so many medications that can remedy the break from reality. And often the person with the breakdown is just confused. You can still talk to them as a human being. They are still the same person underneath all the terrifying symptoms. And chances are, the person suffering is just as scared or more than the people surrounding them.

Psychosis is often confused with schizophrenia. People even in the medical profession are so ignorant regarding this condition that they often diagnose with schizophrenia right away. Those around the person might say the person was always suffering delusions because they are questioning the person’s grasp on reality.

No one in the medical community should assume that a person was always psychotic. If the person was, it is a guarantee that the people around the person would have taken them into the hospital for schizophrenia a long time ago. A psychotic break is very noticeable and does not mean the person has always been schizophrenic. In fact, psychosis can be caused by any untreated mental illness or simply be a transient state brought on my stress.